Monday, June 17, 2013

Ode to Energy (Or the Lack ThereOf)

Energy, my energy...
Where oh where did you go?
You seem to have left me
Wand'ring 'tween to and fro.

I have dogs to take care of
And a boy child to raise!
You cannot continue
To sap all my days

Full of schooling and learning
And cleaning and chores!
Energy my energy,
I miss you much more

Than I ever could fathom
Tis' true, you can't know.
I used to be full of you
Now I can't even blow

A whistle, not one note!
Can't sing anymore either;
MG took the muscles
I need for my breather!

Energy my energy,
I wish you'd come back.
But MG antibodies
Went on the attack.

But there are some facets
Of life you can't touch.
Like the child I have
That I love so, so much.

And a husband who loves me
Through thick and through thin.
So, Sap-Sucking Energy
You never will win!

You can't take my spirit!
You can't take my joy!
You can't take my will
Or the Faith I employ

To keep fighting the fight
Of this chronic disease.
My God is my Strength!
So do as you please.

I know that I'm loved
By a host of dear friends.
But because of you, Energy,
This is The End.

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Patricia Pitterle said...

Love your poem. I know yours is worse than mine, but I often wonder myself where my energy has gone. Depression and anxiety manage to suck mine right out of me!!