Sunday, June 30, 2013

Letter To God

Well, God, another MG Awareness Month has come and gone.... God, please don't let people forget.  Please don't let people forget people like Jessica, who lost her 6 year old precious little girl because of this horrific disease.

Please don't let people forget, amidst the fireworks, summer vacations, back to school events and so on, that real people are suffering every day from this all too real disease.

People like Robin, who just got off the vent, Lord.  Who had to have a tube down her throat to breathe for her because she was too weak. We are so, so thankful that you brought her through, Father.  That you gave her strength. 

People like Jen, who, like most myasthenics, can't handle the heat and humidity of this past couple of weeks, and ended up in the hospital.

People like Charlie, and Karen, and Lorraine, who have added health problems on TOP of MG... Oh, Lord Jesus, take their pain away. Heal them.  And don't let them forget how much YOU love them.

Father there are so many.  Way too many.  I just don't want any of them forgotten, Lord!  We need a cure.  We need people to not forget. I am crying out to you...Please God.  Let someone who CAN, finance research.  Let people be moved to give to smaller organizations that are fighting for every penny to use wisely to help others.

Lord, you know every name.  You know every symptom.  You know every heartbeat. 
Let them not be forgotten.

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