Tuesday, March 9, 2010

BACK Again

Do giraffes go to the chiropractor? I'll bet they need ladders if they do.

Well, my back is out again!!! Well, technically a rib. Have you ever had a rib out? Not so much fun, let me tell ya! I have this rotten cold, right? So I'm coughing my fool head off and last night I not only FEEL but also HEAR a POP in my back, along with an immense wave of pain. Like the electric-shock-all-the-way-up-to-your-head-and-down-to-your-toes pain.

I thought I could get up and go to the potty last night by myself after this. Doug was already sleeping. I got up, and almost went right back down! I was able to get to the chiro today, and he told me I actually coughed so hard and so much that my lowest rib on the right side came out. The muscles that surround it "protect" it by spasming. And SPASM they do. What a perfect word for what that felt like. Other than horrific.

So then, this kind, wonderful chiro (Dr. Lou, he's awesome!) beats the tar out of me with the sander (it's a massage tool, but it feels and looks like a belt sander). Having fibromyalgia is tough enough, but then go to the chiropractor, and have him push on all your pressure points to try to straighten everything that's been all scrunched up, bone wise. Oh, the agony. There's really no pain like it. Hard to explain.

The best thing is that my wonderful in-laws have taken Jacob for a couple of days, so I can rest, rest, rest. Ice, water, and anti-inflamatories for this girl. And rest!!! Hopefully then I'll be over this ridiculous cold as well! Ug. When it rains it pours!


Lin said...

Oh my goodness...you're such a trooper! I'd be crying & whinning all over the place. I cant believe you had a rip come out of place, insane. I hope you feel better & heal quickly. Thank goodness for wonderful in-laws :)

BTW, thanks for stopping by & commenting on my blog.

Sarah Beth said...

Yuck! What a day! I'm so sorry you had to deal with all of that. I hope you enjoy your time to rest, though. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise??

Young Wife said...

I love my chiropractor, but I've never experienced the sander, and with your FM...yikes.