Friday, March 5, 2010

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Verizon,

You mean to tell me when I have FOUR bars out here in the sticks, your remote computer isn’t responding? Well, FIX IT!

Unsatisfied Customer
P.S. Ok, you fixed it. Thanks.

Dear Mr. President,

Obviously your stimulus package is NOT working. Wasn’t it supposed to like, fix roads and stuff? Have YOU traveled on the major interstates of this country in the last, say, month? MmmHmm. That’s what I thought. Stimulate THIS.

A NON-Democrat, UN-supportive-of-the-whole-let’s-print-our-own-money-and-call-it-stimulus-thing American

Dear Mr. Sandman,

You keep missing my house. Mapquest has is wrong. Do I need to send you directions AGAIN? We could all use a little sleep, especially the toddler, cuz when HE sleeps, we’re all pretty much good. So could you please check your GPS and try again tonight??

Sleepless in Michigan

Dear U.S. Post Office,

What part of “PLEASE DO NOT BEND” are you not comprehending? Oh, you had to cut back because of the economy and illiterate people are cheaper to hire because they can’t read their contracts either? And you’re run by whom again? Oh, yeah, the GOVERNMENT!



Joanna said...

Kerri for Congress! She'll actually get something done.

You know, with you being gone for so long and all, I am totally up for another McTalking time.

Young Wife said...

I love this post! I'm so sick of big government and big companies right now. Preach it!

Jenxr77 said...

Ha! Too funny:) Dr. Teener said hello to you to.

Sarah Beth said...

Ha. Cute post. I am mad at Verizon right now, too - they completely screwed up my bill this month!

Cole said...

Your letters crack me up! I just love how the post office screws stuff up and then wants us to pay them more for their services.

Meu blog said...
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