Friday, March 12, 2010

New Look

Okay. So I decided I needed a new look for my blog. Maybe something a little more fancy. Something that may even require (gasp) a separate header. Well, seeing as how I am clueless when it comes to anything even remotely close to programming, I begged asked my BFF Joanna to help me.

She graciously acquiesed, and so the battle began. Let me clarify something. I want it to be crystal.clear. I hate anything that may possibly in any way, shape or form be construed as programming in working with computers. Just the phrase "html code" makes me throw up in my mouth a little. I equate it to getting my fingernails ripped out one at a time. I'd rather be waterboarded (I heard that's really not so bad...)

So Joanna was VERY BRAVE to come over and show me how to find a separate header for my background, and then use Paint to resize it and type what you want in it and stuff. It wasn't even totally terrible! She was patient, which is good, because I didn't want to monkey with it. I'm the kind of person where I just want to turn it on, have it look good, have it work correctly, and get on with it. Things I have to fuss with make me crazy. Certifiable, even.

So thank you my friend, for helping this technologically challenged pal o' yours make her blog all purty. Oh, and the Shamrock shake totally rocked as well! (Almost as much as you!!!)


Joanna said...

Hee hee! Just so you know, you flew through it faster than I did first time I tried it. AND you didn't threaten to kick your computer.

Pam said...

hahahaha, your way to funny!
I agree with you I have no idea what it means when I get that html code... i always just check ignore, someday it might cause me trouble but maybe your sweet friend will explain it to me (hint, hint)

I love the new look, so bright and colorful!!!
way to go sister, remaining teachable! :)
love you!

Rachel said...

It looks great!

Cole said...

Love the new look! All that programming mumbo-jumbo confuses the heck out of me too.

Tammy said...

Can I just say I totally get what you mean. Wish I had a BFF that was good at stuff like that. :) You are truly one lucky duck. Nice look.
Stopping by from sits.