Wednesday, January 4, 2012

They Say It's My Birthday....

So yeah.  Happy Birthday to me.  For whatever reason, 40 was not a big deal.  Today, 41 seems like 152.  I'm now "in my forties."  In my brain "forties" is old.  If I had cats I could be the crazy old cat lady.  But I'm allergic.  Trying to stay upbeat, but I didn't sleep well last night, so I don't feel the best, and I have a huge blister on my finger from digging up dinosaur bones that Jacob got for his birthday.

Note to self:  When you see another "excavation" project involving digging fake dinosaur bones out of a huge slab of plaster and think that Jacob would love it, just remember your birthday of 2012.  And the pain in your arms, hands, wrists and fingers.  And the blisters. And Just. Say. No.

Very sweetly, however, Doug and Jacob make me a snowman cake for my birthday.  They made it last night and gave me my gift and cards last night.  Jacob picked out a necklace at my favorite bead store downtown.... It's a mother and child necklace...I have ALWAYS wanted one.  And they got it the Saturday after Thanksgiving and have had it the whole time. 

And Jacob picked out his own birthday card for me:  It has a fish with big googly eyes on the front, which is why he picked it.  However, it said, "Either you're getting older..." (then you open it up) "Or you're spending WAY too much time in the water."  Nice.

Anyway.  Here's the cake.
My very first ever snowman cake.  I love snowmen.

My precious boy.  And the cake he was SO proud of. (It was HIS idea.)


Margaret said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!!! I can't believe how big your son is getting!

Pam said...

Keri! The cake is cute! Jacob is adorable! what a wonderful surprise that they made it for you and gave you a mother child necklace!
Love the card, fun!
I hope you get some rest ...
praying for you
love Pam

Joanna said...

That is cute! Love his little cheese grin too. At least they made the effort.