Saturday, January 21, 2012


Okay. So I'm still alive.  Made it through one week of medicinal hell.  Today, which is Saturday, after my second pheresis treatment....and I'm pretty tuckered out.  This morning when I finally got out of bed (at 9:45), I asked my hubby if he had seen the number of the bus that ran over me so I could file a complaint.  I get up and think I can do something "quick a minute" and I'm reminded of how exhausted I am.  Now I just have to make it though next week.

Monday I have an appointment to discuss my fibro pain and management thereof.  I better not get the run-around because I am SO not in the mood.  I am sick of being in pain and someone needs to do something about it. I don't care what I have to sign...I need something so I'm not in pain all the dang time!  I'm sick of being grumpy, and pain makes me GRUMPY!!!

Anyway.  Then Tuesday is the dentist...drilling and rebuilding.  Ug.  Only remotely good thing is the happy gas, but they don't crank it high enough.  I think I'm going to take my headphones this time too.  The sound of that drill makes me CRAZY.  I literally get so tense I dig my nails into my hands and leave marks.  Then I'm sore for three days afterward from being so tense for an hour.

Then Wednesday back for my last pheresis treatment of this series.  They have been going PERFECTLY so I'm not even dreading it!  I'm hoping to have Judy and Emily again; Emily is a "newbie" to pheresis, but she has had YEARS of experience sticking people as she has been doing blood drives forever.  And before that she was a medic in the she passed with flying colors for her first stabbing placing of the needles before the running of the pheresis machine.  Which I'm sure has a technical name, and I'm also sure I don't know the name of it.

Anywho.  Then after the pheresis I have an appointment with my pulmonologist.  Bye bye phentermine, which has been supposedly controlling my appetite and helping me lose the 17 pounds I have (over FIVE FLIPPIN' MONTHS)...Haven't been able to start on the vent at night yet because of the coughing....had a chest x-ray that we will go over, so hopefully that will explain the cough.

Then Thursday at 3:15 (after watching Jacob again all day, the day after a looooong medical day including pheresis) I have to have a bone density scan.  And Friday....I get to rest.  Maybe.  I still have Jacob.

I also still have to call the ENT to make the appointment to have the rest of the granulomas burned out....but I'm not even CALLING until my stoma is healed from the first round in the ER.  So welcome to the life of a chronically ill person.  Not. Much. Fun.

Now I'm exhausted so I'm going to lay down.


Joanna said...

Oh dang woman! That sucks dirty nasty socks. :(

Crack open a tube of cookie dough or a bottle of something because it is 5 o'clock somewhere.

Shell said...

Sounds like a really crazy week!