Saturday, May 1, 2010


My computer crashed today. I mean crashed. Utter devastation. I am so ticked. I just stopped crying. I was going to post a continuation of my pregnancy story, but I am so exhausted right now. The tech dude spent 3 hours here trying to fix it, and ended up having to wipe the hard drive and reinstall everything.

I lost so many files. Just piddly stuff that I never thought I'd need to back up....letters, forms I had made....Long story, but I had WORKS (yes WORKS, NOT WORD) from Microsoft, and it was a really old version. But it's like your favorite pair of just can't get rid of them. Well, something happened and my computer stopped recognizing the documents (probably woke up and saw the light). So I DID have the book I was writing on a backup, but now the computer won't recognize it, and I don't have the disc to reinstall WORKS.

Thank GOD my blog is still here, my e-mail contacts....but my bookmarks: gone. All the pics I downloaded from the internet just to use for whatever: gone. My favorites: gone.

So. I hope tomorrow I will continue posting "real" stuff.


Punken said...

Gosh Kerri that sucks! I hope you find a way to recover your book:( And just so you know since I know MG I thought "crashed" was refering to MG!

Joanna said...

Oh sob!! That is the worst of the worst. I sooo feel your pain. So does the computer work better now?