Saturday, May 15, 2010

Frustration on the Homefront


So my hubby and I went to the chiropractor this morning (again for me.....just went yesterday to get my rib back in again) mom calls, and needs Doug to look are her toilet. It's leaking, she says. So....we drive up there.

On the way home, we have some time (45 minutes) so I ask him: "What is one thing that I could do, not like around the house or whatever, but personally, emotionally or whatever, that would make you feel more loved and respected?"

Who wouldn't LOVE to be asked that question?? I would. But that a whooooole other post.

So he says..."I dont' know...not around the house, huh?"

Now I know what's coming.

Me: Fine. Something around the house then. Other than keeping the table clean and doing the dishes.

Him: Well, you're kind of a slob. You leave crap all over the place and don't put things back when you use them....

Me (gritting my teeth and thinking, "I take care of a 3.5 year old with more energy in his little finger than I have in my whole body, plus I"m fighting this stupid disease every single minute of my life and you want the house spotless??? What planet are you from???)


Him: Well, maybe you could make dinner.

Me: (thinking again, after I'm with Jacob all day playing, schooling, whatever, dealing with MG, blah blah blah)

"Um, I could probably do that...Do you think then you could take Jacob when you get home so I can rest for a minute or use that time to make dinner without him and 3 dogs underfoot?"

Him: Sure, unless there's something I have to do that he can't do.

He's 3.5 for sh!t's sake!

So after going to the chiropractor, running up to my mom's, coming home and planting flowers for 2 hours, I had to make meatloaf, put that and potatoes in the oven, tripping over Jacob and 3 dogs, do the dishes, clear the table, and fill my pillbox...which takes forever.

And I'm exhausted. But that doesn't really matter to him.
Oh, the frustration!!!

Still waiting for him to ask me what HE could do......



Jenn @ South of Sheridan said...

Men. lol

I think you should remind him of this conversation, and then tell him what YOU want HIM to do! :)

Blue & said...

haha, we have almost the same conversation and we're not even married yet :)

but, I admit it, I really AM kinda a slob.

Crystal said...

Aww sweetie. I've been there so many times as well & asked similar questions to my hubs. I'm so blessed to have such an understanding man in my life, but I still struggle with this on the inside & feel as if I'm not doing enough, etc. Then I feel guilty if I do see him doing more than he should have to be doing.... It's a vicious cycle! I would definitely try out the thing w/ him taking your son while you cook dinner. See how it works!? See how the hubs deals with it. I consider myself an OCD slob! LOL... I'm truly pretty OCD about things, but I'm SO tired with my own illness that most of the time I can't get things done. Good luck! I hope things work out somehow, some way. Keep us updated!!


Young Wife said...

Okay, I seriously tell people all the time that we have no idea how much David is hurting, that even I forget. This further proves my point. I'm sorry. As for him asking you the question...good luck with that.