Monday, May 10, 2010

Roller Coaster. Really???

I've been MIA....sorry. Actually it would be MII. Missing in Inaction.

Friday was nice. Went to my mom's and had lunch with my sisters. I ate hummus. HUMMUS! I was telling Doug that my vegan sister was bringing hummus, and kinda laughing about it. What the heck is hummus?? Well, of course I had to try it....and I LOVE IT. Roasted red pepper hummus from Costco. Dang. Plus she made chocolate chip scones that were yummy too. Ghiradelli choc. chips and everything. Yum. Someone made the comment of me going vegan...I was like, I have a COW in my backyard!

So we had a nice time talking and catching up a little...and of course visiting my mom whose been gone for 5 months.

Saturday morning my back was hurting a little, and we had to go to town anyway to get some stuff, so we thought we'd swing by the chiroproactor on the way...yes, Saturday, and WALK-IN! We got right in,which I couldn't believe. After the adjustment, I had NO pain on my left side for the first time in months. I felt great.

So we continue on with our shopping, going to a few different stores...get home, I'm helping put stuff's like a NORMAL day. Needless to say, it didn't stay that way long. I coughed ONCE. One little cough...not a long coughing jag, just one cough. POP! Rib out. Right where I had just been adjusted. Oh the pain. My adoring husband told me I need to learn how to control that because we can't just keep running to the doctor every five minutes. I was like, What the he!!? Control a spasmodic cough from having a trach and messed up lungs. Yah, I'll get right on that.

He apologized.

On Mother's Day I wished for a new back. Or a cure, or just to not be in pain for a while. Jacob wished for a new mom. Yup. It was a stellar weekend.


Punken said...

Im sorry you did not have a wood weekend:( I am working on the graphics for you tonight so hopefully have those fixed with make you happy:)

Margaret said...

I hate it when people just don't get things. I have that all the time with the MS and it gets old quickly that is for sure.

Everyday Kathy said...

Sorry your day wasn't so great. Focus on the Hummus... hummus has the power to cure a lot! I say this because I can't get enough of the stuff and even my flesh loving hubby likes it!

Jenxr77 said...

I'm so sorry Kerri! I hope this week brings a brighter part of the roller coaster ride. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, you deserve it. Not that it would be fun to be on the down swing all the time but sometimes getting that taste of feeling good makes it that much more depressing when we start going downhill again. Thanks for your update.

Young Wife said...

I'm so sorry! Praying for you. Glad you had fun with the family.