Wednesday, May 26, 2010

M'k. So Joanna and I were at McTalking time last night Woot! Woot! (Bible study at McDonalds). First of all, we will NEVER go on a Tuesday night's like FAMILY night or something, and people come with all their hooligans and do crafts and let them run around like animals. Not much in a restaurant bugs me more than that. This one monster was LOUD. I mean walls-shaking-everyone-turn-and-couldn't-help-but-stare loud. What are people thinking??? Obvisously they must not be!

Then there's the LOUD MOM. Another little monster was running back and forth through the restaurant. Completely out of control. Mommy dearest was screaming her fool head off. I looked at Joanna like, "People do realize we're in public? Inside? In the year 2010?" Bizarre.

There was also this tiny little girl with curly reddish hair and the bluest eyes. She looked like one of the babies on the Northern toilet paper packs they used to have. She and her big brother were there with Grandpa, and although she must have walked back and forth to get a drink like 34 times, she was a little mouse about it. She was SO stinkin' cute. Regardless. No more family nights for us in Timbuktu.

Today I had an appointment for a check on my diabetes. Up to Grand Rapids. Jacob was scheduled to go to Auntie Shawn's, thank God, because it was HOT. They ran though sprinklers most of the day, so he is currently passed out on the couch. Our air conditioner doesn't really work in the car, so Doug has to keep charging it. It worked fine this morning, but by this afternoon, not so much.

The down to Plainwell to go to the backcracker. Somewhere in there were Costco and Meijer also. I'm like a walking zombie. So tired. Eyes a wee bit messed up... just drooping like crazy. Heat effects MG probably more than any other outside influence other than stress. Stress is the WORST thing for me and my MG. Heat is second. As far as the stress thing goes: I have a workaholic husband (who loves me very much, but he's just always busy), several chronic illnesses to juggle, 25 pills (at least) per day to take, appointments to schedule (which I have to go to alone now since Doug won't take work off anymore)....not to mention 3 dogs and a very, very busy 3 1/2 year old. The list is endless.

And time management....That stresses me to the core. If ANYONE has this figured out, can you PLEASE fill me in? How do I get 24 hours of stuff done in 24 hours when I need to sleep for 8? Frustrating. But I know that's life for lots of folks...which is why I'm praying one of you will have an answer!!

It's been hot here. I mean HOT. I've never done heat exceptionally well, except for when I was a child, and was just in the pool 12 hours a day. We literally went from frost to 90 in less than a week. Welcome to Michigan!

I'm not sure what it is about the heat and MG...espeically humidity. When it's this hot, I walk outside, and everything in me from the brain down just says "I'm going to collapse now." And
me and my brain have to yell at my body to knock it off! Oh well. Tomorrow is supposed to be a little better, then this weekend, gorgeous.

Ann Arbor Friday for plasmapheresis, so that's my week. I'm one pooped pup.


Joanna said...

Never again on a Tuesday!! Otherwise I'll be forced to stick my foot out and trip someone's demon child.

Young Wife said...

The only place I've seen worse parenting is at the movie theater. What is wrong with people? Praying for you.