Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More Randomness

Well, my rib is staying put. Thank GOD for that! I have to wear this weight belt until I get the rib belts I ordered, which are on the way. Ug. Shipping takes forever when you REALLY need something. I don't have the luxury, however, of "shopping around" to find what I need. So I make do with what can be found around here in the meantime. I tell ya, since I cut the straps off it's a lot more comfortable! And now I can wear it UNDER my clothes....if I wear a big shirt.
I get to spend the day with my BFF Joanna watching Beth Moore's Believing God DVD's. I was able to get them on e-bay for almost 1/2 the cost of new. YAY! It's gonna be a GREAT day!! It's just not the same study without the DVD's. I saw them 5 years ago when I did the study, but I am thrilled to have them to keep, because they are really good.
A couple of shout-outs: My new friend Jen (a fellow myasthenic mom) who had the courage to show some of her symptoms in this post. Great job, Jen! Thank you for taking the time to do this!
Thanks also to my new friend Courtney, another myasthenic mom I've connected to through blogging. She made my button on the sidebar, and is working on some other stuff for me! How cool is that! Just the letters "html" make me this is a real gift to me!
My puppy is getting huge. Went to the vet yesterday for Blackie's check up, and his weight has DOUBLED in 3.5 weeks. We got him at 9.8 pounds, and he is now 18.2 pounds! He was WAY smaller than Molly when we got him; he could almost walk under her. NOW he is as TALL as she is! (Not as....rotund, but as tall!)
Jacob is wonderful, as usual....growing so much, and getting so "mature." He calls me "Mom" 90% of the time now. He's not even 4 yet! I thought "Mommy" lasted a long time! Ug. Heartbreaking. He is hilarious and brilliant and beautiful and sensitive and crazy. And I wouldn't change one thing about him. Especially now that he is potty-trained!!! {breaking out into the Hallelujah chorus}
So overall, it's been going pretty smoothly the last couple of days. Whoo-Hoo!!!!!!

Here's to YOU having an awesome day!


Joanna said...

Oh yeah, we had an awesome day! Btw, like the new backgroud.

Jamie said...

Yay for being potty-trained!

Thank you for stopping by and making my SITS day so fabulous!