Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Quick Update

I'm so seriously wiped out.

My treatment went really well yesterday, thank God, and Jacob was WONDERFUL.

I'm going to be working with my neurologist and pulmonologist about getting something called a cough assist machine to use several times during the day to try to help get rid of the atalactysis (sp?) (smooshed lungs at the bottom).

Also waiting on insurance approval for the Rituxan. There's probably more, but I'm so exhausted I can't think straight.....more tomorrow maybe.


Patty Ann said...

Kerri, I really hope you start feeling better soon! I hope you get approval for your medication, and I hope that it works and provides you with some relief!!

Karen Mortensen said...

Kerri, I am so sorry you are feeling so wiped out. Just lay back and rest. You need to take care of yourself first. If you don't, you can't take care of others like you want to. It does sound like things are looking up. I hope you will get the needed relief you need.

Rachel said...

Kerri, so glad to hear treatment went well yesterday!
The cough assist machine sounds like a good approach, it's very frustrating waiting on insurance companies.

Hope you find some relief soon, keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.