Sunday, August 14, 2011

Advertising Agency?

I have to admit, I have never thought of advertising agencies and the internet.  I think of big corporations, big product lines, like make up or perfume or clothing lines.  I think of movies like "Big."  I think of people sitting around a table in business suits hashing out multi-million dollar deals. 

Then I saw this Advertising Agency.  Or should I say THAT! advertising agency!  There are unique to say the least.  I checked out their video, and they definitely do not "fit the mold" of my idea of stuffy people in suits in board meetings!

Now that I have started a business online, this is something I need to seriously look into.  I am not a tech-savvy person; anyone who really knows me knows that all too well! I do have a facebook page, and with the help of my blog designer, it's even a cute facebook page.  At first I thought, "What is a facebook page really going to do?"  Then I read a statistic that absolutely blew my mind:  According to a Nielsen report (you've heard of the Nielsen Ratings for TV?) 90% of people "somewhat trust" or "completely trust" a business, service, product, that is recommended by someone they are connected to on social media.

That's a higher percentage of recommendation that any other category.  That is huge!  And the beauty of THAT! Advertising Agency is that they use mixed-media advertising, which can cover print, TV, radio, and internet.  I am honestly going to check into this advertising agency further.  I am serious about growing my business and in turn educating people about myasthenia gravis, so this may be something worth investing in.

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