Sunday, August 7, 2011

First Craft Show

Okay, so it's not until November, but I'm pretty excited about it.  Doug and I have done craft shows before, and it wasn't terribly successful for the amount of work we had to do.  Doug makes beautiful items out of wood.  He makes picture frames, bookshelves, gorgeous jewelry boxes, and even wooden riding horses for kids.  The problem we encountered was that people want something for nothing.  They didn't want to spend $50.00 on a hand-made oak bookcase when they could get a "$20 dollar wood shelf at Wal-Mart."  Like that's wood.  More like wood pulp smashed together.

But anyway, this will be different because for one thing, it's jewelry, so it's small and lightweight and not much work to set up.  I'm excited and nervous, and just want to do well.  I'm going to have signs up about MG and MG Awareness, and of course, 10% of everything sold will go to the Great Lakes Chapter of the MGFA.

I'm hoping to have fun, spread awareness, make a little money, and be able to donate to the MGFA to help others.

Oh, and don't forget to comment on my 700th blog post if you want to win a bracelet of your choosing!

I'll keep you posted on the craft show...if you are local, it's going to be at Plainwell High School on November 19.  Now I need to get cracking on making some jewelry!


Patty Ann said...

Kerri, I am so excited for you!! I think it is a great idea, and people will buy small trinkets when they can't afford larger purchases. You just might be on to something with this!!

Anonymous said...

You should know that I love craft shows :) I admit I skip the jewelry racks sometimes because I never wear any (oops) but I looooove looking at all the pretties :) I'm sure you'll do great!!

Oh, and you're gonna rock homeschooling Jacob :) I'm available for math tutoring someday if he needs it :)