Saturday, August 27, 2011

Two Down, One To Go

Well, thankfully yesterday I got a full treatment in.  I had Nervous Nellie, but she wasn't as nervous as before.  Not quite.  The BEST thing was that she got the needles in right away, one poke apiece, and that I got the whole treatment.  The WORST thing is that I was there for over 3 hours.  Good Lord the woman ran me slow.  The longer it takes the worse I feel.  I don't know why.  Just like I can't figure out why the "new" centrifuge machines that are supposed to be more efficient and actually take out more of my plasma percentage wise, make me feel worse instead of better.

Then I get word that they are getting ALL new machines, and getting rid of the old ones.  Doug was immediately like: what are they gonna do with the old ones?  I could see his wheels turning.

Seriously, cool would it be to have my very own pheresis machine, and get a nurse to come here and do it in my own home?  One can dream....

Anyway....I'm pretty wiped out.  DRAINED you might say (ar ar, pheresis humor).  The bruise on my arm from Wednesday is pretty nasty, and my whole arm still aches.  But alas, comes with the territory.  This pic is from today, 3 days later.

So that's it for today and tomorrow, and then Monday is the last treatment til the middle to end of October. Yay for that.

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