Thursday, January 7, 2010

Anybunny want a bunny??

SO....We got two rabbits this summer to add to our pet collection. This little guy, Stash (above), was indeed, a BOY.
We also thought Chia was a boy. We were mistaken.
We found out we were wrong when Doug found 6 dead bunnies out in the bunny condo. {Sniff} I know...I'm so glad neither Jacob nor I discovered them! We really thought they were both boys. I guess it's hard to tell with rabbits.
We called the vet to get Stash "fixed." It was probably 10 days to 2 weeks after we found the litter that Stash went to the vet.
Right before Christmas, Doug comes in and says, "I found another Christmas present for you outside." I was like, "Outside?" He says, "Ya. Apparently we didn't get to Stash quickly enough."
My jaw just dropped. My first thought was "Poor Chia!!" My second thought was, "Are they okay??" Doug said there were 10 that were still alive, 1 that didn't make it. We are now down to nine, and I saw them yesterday for the first time. They are almost as big as a small guinea pig. OH MY GOSH are they cute. But there's NINE of them!!! Now I KNOW why there are expressions like "Multiply like rabbits!" Goodness.
I couldn't get pictures of the bunnies yet, but I held one yesterday. I had NO IDEA how LOUD baby bunnies could be. OH MY WORD. Mama Chia came running! The babies are SO quick! One of them jumped right out of the bunny condo into the snow! Doug had to chase him was hilarious. But he (or she) is safe back in the coop.
There are two that are jet black, one that is brown, kinda like Mama, and I think the rest are white with gray and black spots. OH my GOSH they are so cute. Yes, I know I've said that 17 times. Doug wants to breed them for meat. I was like. Um....Over. My. Dead. Body.
(That would be no.)
So...if you want a bunny, LET ME KNOW!!! As soon as they are weaned we are taking them to the vet so we can separate the boys and girls. No more of this mating business! We may keep a couple of the girl bunnies, but we really need to find homes for them! Let me know if you are interested!


Beverly said...

If I could just live on a farm and not in town....sigh

Sarah Beth said...

Oh, I'd love one - I love bunnies. You think they ship well? :) Hope you find good homes for them.

Leigh @ intentslife said...

Oh, girl. I'm not sure what else to say except I'm sorry!!! NINE - holy cow. If I can find anyone who's looking for bunnies I promise I'll send them you're way. :)

Cole said...

Oh my word, that's a lot of bunnies! Hope you are able to find a good home for them all :)

Corrie Howe said...

How fun for you and your family to be a part of the cycle of life. Nine bunnies is a lot of bunnies to find homes for.