Saturday, January 30, 2010

Patience is a Virtue I Do NOT Have

Oh my gravy people!!! I'm losing my mind with cabin fever. It would be bad enough if we WEREN'T going on our first vacation in over 5 years, our first EVER family vacation (in four days!)! Can hardly stand it. Doug was inside quite a bit today, which helped, because it makes the day go faster. Jacoc actually was outside with Daddy for like 2 hours today! He will sleep good tonight! He had such a good time. He misses Daddy a lot now when Doug is at work.

I drank waaaaay too much caffeine this morning. Whew! I was stoked. I mean to the limit.
I should know better....I love the energy, but I do NOT love the crash after!

Was talking to my friend Tracy on facebook today...she lives in Florida. We went to college together, and will be connecting in St. Pete when we're down there. We haven't seen each other in 17 years! WOW does that make me feel old!!

Then, in March, I'm having a reunion with 3 more college friends...roommates actually. What a blast. It's so amazing to see how God has worked in all of our lives...all in such different ways. So I will even have that to look forward to when I get BACK from Florida!

Well, nothing too exciting...just packing and cleaning! Have a good weekend...what's left of it!


Sarah Beth said...

I have cabin fever, too - we finally got snow, but I've been stuck inside with no humans all day! Hope you have a fabulous time in Florida - so glad you get to see an old friend!

A~Punk said...

Caffeine is what i live for.Yet I do not drink coffee I always have coke zero which is the ultimate caffeine drink. And i hope you get past the cabin fever and enjoy that vacation!