Friday, January 15, 2010

Just Listen

Seems like I'm not the only one to experience blog block lately! I've been on a few others' who have been struggling with the same thing. SO...I have seen on the SITS page "510 Prompts" (a button from Shimmy in my Spirit). You pay only $3.55 and then download 510 writing prompts. As I was going through them this morning, this one jumped out at me. "Just Listen..."

When you're struggling to hear the REAL reason for your child's tears...just listen.

When your husband comes home from work and snaps at you for no reason, before you fight back, or jump to comclusions...ask him about his day, and just listen.

When you're talking to God and you feel like you're not getting anywhere, like you're beating your head against a wall, going through the same thing over and over, be still, and just listen.

When the doctor has bad news...before you make your funeral arrangements, just listen.

If we spent a FRACTION of the time listening as we do talking, can you imagine the impact on our relationships? With our friends? With our spouses? Children? God? Even ourselves! Instead of our voices prattling non-stop in our minds, just listen...hear God's truth about you.

If you really listened to me, what would you hear?

I love God. I struggle sometimes with things that happen to and around me, why good people seem to have so much bad in their lives...but I KNOW that He is on the throne, and He isn't going anywhere.

I love my husband fiercely. I may complain about stupid things he says or does, but my heart belongs to him and always will. If you just listen, you will hear that he is my hero.

My son is my earthly center. My world revolves around him. He makes me laugh and cry. He makes my heart feel as if its going to burst through my if it simply can't hold the joy and blessing that he has put there.

If you would just would hear that when I am wounded, I talk. I gush. I babble. But it's my way of asking for support and encouragement without coming right out and saying it.

So whatever happens today...before you react, before you jump to conclusions, before you decide something important...just listen.


LisaDay said...

Not only listen but really listen. Stop the internal voices and really listen to what is being sad and what's not being said. It's a real skill. Happy weekend.

LisaDay from SITS

Cole said...

It seems so simple, but forget it so often. Thank you for the lovely reminder!

Young Wife said...

Great post! It's so true.

Joanna said...

They say that's why we have 2 ears and 1 mouth. I guess we're supposed to listen more than what we say. Um, working on that. :}