Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bloggers Unite for Haiti

Hey everyone,

As you all know, there was a devastating earthquake in Haiti on Tuesday. The death toll is assumed to be at least 100,000 if not more. In the whole spectrum of things, when you look at a map, Haiti is only a couple of hundred miles off the coast of the southernmost point of Florida. That's like from where I live to Chicago. Not far at all. Yet it is worlds away in tecnology, health, democracy, etc. These people need help.

My parents have friends who have adopted a child from Haiti in the past, but it takes MONTHS to get through the paperwork. I know there are many individuals who would love to help in some way (myself included). If I were healthy I would love to go there and help...I would love to take children in...but to be frank, it ain't gonna happen. So what can we do? First and foremost we can pray. God knows each person there intimately and what they need and how to get it. Our prayers can facilitate that.

Secondly, if you are able, give. On my sidebar is a button for Doctors without Borders.
Another reputable establishment involved is CARE. You can find their link here.
You can also give to the Red Cross or UNICEF.
Please watch out for scammers. The dregs of humanity come out at times like these to try to take advantage of a horrifying tragedy and make it work for them. Give to someone with a GOOD REPUTATION, and give directly to them, NEVER through a third party.
Let's just keep them all in our prayers, and do what we can.

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Corrie Howe said...

Thank you for doing your part in this tragedy. When you know people it does make things like this more personal.