Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NCIS is My Fave by Esteban Vinson

Thanks for the guest post by Esteban Vinson

NCIS is my favorite television program, but I often get stuck working late on Tuesday nights when it airs. That's why I really appreciate being able to watch it for free through the on demand channel of my Cable Television. I don't have to worry about setting a recorder or about racing home to try to catch the last half hour. Instead I can watch it at my convenience.

I find the relationships between the characters on the main team to be entertaining and endearing. Watching Tony tease McGee lifts my spirits while I admire Ziva as a modern woman who has no trouble standing up to anyone who gets in her way. I also like Abbey, who works in the lab--she's such an unusual character, as is Ducky.

Of course Agent Gibbs is the main reason that most women watch NCIS. He's a handsome older man with a strong sense of patriotism. That's refreshing these days. Seeing him and the other patriotic characters in the show renews my faith in our country. Of course I know that the show is just fiction, but I like to think that there are such heroic people in real life. At the very last, maybe such characters will inspire real people to be so patriotic and heroic.

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