Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What A Morning!

It starts at 4 AM. I have this tiny little bump on my bottom eyelid. T-I-N-Y. Ya know how if you get a paper cut it hurts like you've cut your arm off? And how your smallest toe causes the most grief? Well, same thing. I must have been rubbing my eye during the night, and woke up to this searing pain...so I go in the bathroom, turn on the light, recover from blinding myself, and find the source of this vexatious interruption to my sleep.

I find a tweezers (pretty darn good with one eye in the middle of the night!) and start pulling the eyelashes out of the bottom of my left eye. I do have lots of eyelashes, but still...and it flippin' HURT! I'm thinking it's an ingrown eyelash or something, but pretty soon I clear the area and it's not any better. Now it's just more obvious because I have a 1/4 inch GAP in the bottom row of my eyelashes. {Lord help me.}

So after all that, it still hurts like sin, but opportunely, I have an eye doctor appointment today. FINALLY some good timing.

I finally fall back to sleep about 5....Doug scares to poo out of me kissing me goodbye (which he does every morning whether I remember or not); I ponder getting up. Instead, I set my phone alarm for 7:30.

I just get up and Jacob bursts through the door. "I want to cuddle!!!! But I need dry jammies first." Oh, love of my life. So we get dry jammies, and I check the bed. Soaked. And Doug JUST washed his bedding yesterday. THAT'S more like my usual timing.

So we get dried off, new jammies, and I get back in bed for a few minutes to cuddle. As I'm weaving my way through a convolution of hoses to get my oxygen on, my suction machine falls off the bedside table. It weighs 8 pounds. Makes quite a noise. I curse in front of my child, who had the wherewithal NOT to say, " What sh!t, Mom?" I jump out of bed (well, roll is more like it) and get the machine only to discover the top of the suction canister is completely decimated, and the bucket part is shoved so tightly into the machine I can't budge it. Nice.

So now I have to e-mail my contact at Apria to get a new one with all the accoutrements.... AND ask them to correlate the delivery with the dude who is coming out to check my concentrator later this week and bring me more tanks. Then I call the delivery dispatcher to tell him I e-mailed the other guy and please make sure it's on the truck. "No problem." There are five ways to Friday that this could get messed up, but we'll see.

THEN, there's no flavoring for my coffee. So after this morning, I just grabbed the airplane sized Canadian mist that's been sitting on my shelf since Florida last year, and a little CoolWhip, and viola. Yummy coffee that takes the edge off.

Who needs Calgon??


CoconutPalmDesigns said...

And I thought my morning was going badly. Hope the rest of your day goes more smoothly!

Cheers :-)
- CoconutPalmDesigns

Donna Perugini said...

What a great save! Having the eye appointment the same day you need to see the Dr. about your 'ouchie' eye! You pulled that one off beautifully.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I agree with others, I thought I had rough mornings! I am glad you are going to the eye doc...

Patty Ann said...

So hope your day is better today. I totally agree with you about the papercuts though. I really hate those things, and working with the mail, I get them nearly every day. I give IV's for heavens sake, and I think that I would rather get an IV than a paper cut. Go figure.