Thursday, May 12, 2011

When Will I Learn??

Good grief.

We don't have central air. So I, in all my wisdom, decide to go to the store about 7 minutes from my house to get 2 more of the circular fans they had on sale. We got one on Saturday when the ad first started. Doug was going to stop on his way home from work, but I thought, as it gets hotter, more people will be buying fans.

So then, of course, I start looking at coupons. I mean, if I'm going to BE there, I might as well see if anything they have on sale has a coupon, right? After all, they have double coupons this week too! Ug. So I end up with a list. Then I think, oh crap, Jacob needs shorts on. So I go upstairs to get shorts. I find 1 pair that I know will fit. I get two more-brand-new-bought-on-clearance-last-year pairs of shorts. Too small. He has 2 pair of jean shorts upstairs as well as the other stuff I grabbed to try on him.

So he needs shorts. They happen to have some on sale. So we go to leave (probably an hour and a half after my original intention so it's already that much hotter) and can't find shoes that fit the child. So we end up buying 2 pairs of summer pair on clearance for $5.00 thank you very much.

THEN they were out of the fans anyway! I still bought 2, an oscillating standing fan and another cheap box fan to blow on me while I sleep. So then I have to get all this out to my van...Let's just say the fans and the propel water are still in the van for Doug to unload. I had to sit in my van for like 10 minutes before I could drive home. Thank GOD Jacob was a good boy. And I didn't take my suction machine, so all I had was my purse. And Jacob doesn't need a diaper bag.... but of course he DID have to go potty 5 minutes before we were done shopping, so I had to find a place for my cart, take my purse, take him potty, wash his hands (this is all quite tiring).

We finally got home and I put my head in the freezer for a few minutes. That always helps. Now I'm flippin' exhausted....and it's still hot in the house, and Lord knows when the window air conditioners will get put in. As I said yesterday I just got Doug to stop burning wood yesterday!!

Oh the joys of chronic illness and a "frugal" healthy spouse.


Jill V. said...

Don't know what to tell ya but sounds like you did GREAT:-) Doing that stuff is exhausting anyway...for anyone in good health. I am always in need of a nap when I get home from shopping with Matheson:-) I was just happy to hear that you were able to do it!! YEAAAAAAA YOU!

Patty Ann said...

Oh Kerri, I am so sorry it is hot there today. I made my husband put air in our house when we moved here (we only need it about two months out of the year), but after living in the valley of the Sun all my life, I felt like I could never stand to be hot again. I totally know how you feel!! I do love fans. We put ceiling fans in every room. It wasn't hard, and it makes a world of difference.

Hello! I'm Kate. said...

Sorry Kerri!

I know the heat is bad! That's how it is for Kay too! People down here don't not have AC units though, it gets waaay too hot!

Hope you start feeling better & get the house cooled off!

Jacob is a good boy, it's because he has a good mom!

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

I hope the heat has abated somewhat or at least the fans are working well to keep things cool!

Cheers :-)
- CoconutPalmDesigns