Saturday, July 9, 2011

Above Ground Pools

We never did get our pool up this year. Last year with Jacob's broken arm we didn't use it much, and this year it wasn't hot enough until half way through June. In Michigan, after that, it's like, what's the point.

When I was growing up, we had more permanent above ground pools that we got when I was about twelve. I remember swimming in that pool for hours! It was such fun, especially if we could get my dad or older brother in there to throw us around. That was the BEST.

I sure have lots of fond memories of our pool. Next year, we will be getting it out for sure, because I miss it!

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Rachel said...

We had an above ground pool in our yard as well. It had become so much work for me after my dad got so sick, we eventually removed it. It was the biggest mistake I'd ever made. I wish I was floating around in an old truck inner tube right now!