Saturday, July 9, 2011

Health Update

Two treatments down, one to go. Had another newbie to break in yesterday, but she did pretty good. One needle needed adjusting, which is a pretty intense, special kind of pain. The worst part was the waiting. We actually got there early, because we left early to run a couple of errands (well, Doug ran, I schlumped) and met my sister Lori who took Jacob back to her house. (Which he LOVED!)

So WE get there early, and the tech is running LATE, because the guy she ran at a different hospital wanted to run really slowly. I'm exactly the opposite...I'm like "The faster the better.... up til like 110 anyway." She was super shocked, but it went well overall.

But as I said the worst part was the waiting. Once they get there, they have to go get the pheresis machine, run all the tubing, while we got there at about 12:45, I wasn't hooked up and running until 2:10. I told Doug it's like waiting to be tortured. (Not that it's TRULY torturous...) But I hate it. You think I'd get used to it, but I never do. Doug's like, "You'll be fine." And I know I will be, but putting yourself through something you DREAD (root canal anyone?) and then having to wait an hour and a half before time.....Ug. Torture.

Every single nurse has asked if this is the last treatment then, and I'm like, um, no. They're like, well how long to you have to get this done? I'm like, forever, until there's a cure or I'm healed by God. Welcome to the reality of chronic illness. {Speaking of a cure, YOU can help by purchasing something from my new business, Kerri's Kreations, and 10% of all proceeds will go to the Great Lakes Chapter of the MGFA}.

Anyway. I'm feeling pretty wiped out, but NOT as bad as I was after last is the day after treatment number 2, but I don't have the 3rd one til Monday, so I'm hoping having one extra day in between will help me not be SO run down after number 3. We shall see.


Patty Ann said...

Just keep telling yourself that this is better than when you had to travel so far!! I hope that you are not so wiped out next week and that you are feeling much better.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I hope you feel better soon. Sorry for the needle stuff (I hate them) but we have no choice sometimes...