Saturday, July 2, 2011

Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC)

June 30 was AMC day. AMC stands for Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita.

I'm kind of a day late and a dollar short; June (as you ALL know) was MG Awareness Month, and I had my last 2 posts planned....but I still wanted to bring attention to this disease and at least mention June 30. And that to participate in the day, all you had to do was wear blue.
So here I am in my blue shirt!

You can click the link and read about it. My dear friend Diana, whom I went to college with, has a beautiful son named Isaiah who was born with AMC. Diana has been Isaiah's Mama since he was like 6 weeks old, through the foster system, and is now officially, legally his Mama. She's BEEN his Mama since he was born, in God's eyes.

She had to go through the ringer, but Isaiah David Geist is now her son in the whole world's eyes!

So please take a moment to check out AMC, and say a prayer for those who suffer from it.

Coming next week I will continue my review of Reflecting Him by Carla McDougal.

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Rachel said...

Your friend Diana is a very special person! The foster system does put you through the wringer, but when you love such a special angel you know it's worth all the trouble. God does have a way of bringing people together.

One of these days when my sister and I are finished "going through the wringer" I'll share my story with you!

As always keeping you, your family, and all those important to you in my prayers...