Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Would YOU Ever Wear A Wig?

When my dear friend Linda got cancer, and started chemo, she lost her hair. She asked me to go with her to get a wig. I have to tell you, wigs have come a long way from the gnarly wig of my grandmother's I used to play with.

Check out these lace wigs, and they look so real! My goodness! I have another friend who was "blessed" with thinning hair, and she wears a wig sometimes. It's GORGEOUS, and you would NEVER know it was not her own beautiful hair!

I would seriously like to try one of these lace front wigs. I have been fortunate and have really thick hair, and I do like my hair, but it would be fun to try out a short blonde bob or something! I mean, seriously, celebrities wear them all the time! I think it would be fabulous to have that opportunity to just change my hair entirely...temporarily!


Karen Mortensen said...

Sometimes I would just like to have a bunch of wigs handy. Dolly Parton does.

Joanna said...

I wouldn't say blessed. I used to have really thick long hair that I miss and wish I still had it. Cher wears wigs all the time but keeps her own thick long hair. You get a cap that keeps all your natural hair up and squished on your head so as not to get in the way of the wig.

kc said...

Just like any other illness or health issue - it ain't all it's cracked up to be. Ever play pool with your BFF and feel a draft? Not so fun, trust me! Ever jump onto a raft (Nemo, to be exact) in a swimming pool, only to have him turn over & dunk you? Not so fun. Ever have a panic attack at the thought of your carefree brother in law threatening to throw you in the pool head first? Ever get tired of searching out dressing rooms in stores that have real walls & doors that are more than chest high? Yeah, sometimes it's fun...but not usually. Just sayin.

Kerri said...

Joanna, I put it in "quotes" because I didn't want to put like "cursed" or anything...I NEVER meant to make light of your situation, nor yours, kc.

I don't know what it's like to have to wear a wig, and I'm genuinely sorry if I offended either of you in any way. That was NOT my intention.

Joanna said...

I'm not offended. Was just saying.

kc said...

yup - same here - not at all offended. Just sayin we all have our difficulties & situations, and I'm truly thankful mine is no worse than it is (the wig is only a small part of the story) and I try to make light of the incidents, even if it didn't really sound like it.

Hoping today is a great one for ya!!