Friday, July 1, 2011

HUGE Thanks


I am just thrilled to bits. You ALL know how important Matthew 25 is to me. About taking care of the poor, the widows, orphans, the sick, imprisoned...

Well, HUGE thanks and a great big shout out to the Bridge Church here in Allegan. Their youth leader came to our house yesterday morning with about 12 kids and a few supervisors, and scraped and power-washed all around our house as far as they could reach. (We didn't want ladders, liability, minors, whatever, but I'm sure they would have been willing).

I was feeling very poorly yesterday so I didn't get a chance to go outside and personally thank the kids when they were here. They may never know how BLESSED we felt that they would do this for us.

My husband works his tail off. He's the hardest working man I've ever known (just like my Daddy). He also has to work his tail off at home, outside, taking care of the animals and stuff. Why does he do it? Because he loves us, wants to provide for us, and he wants Jacob to have an awesome childhood. (So do I, otherwise I probably wouldn't live out in the middle on nowhere!)

To have this church, that we don't even go to, call us, come over to our house, and do all that hard work, in the heat....we are so thankful. We are so grateful. Our God is SO good.

I was reading about Solomon today, after he had built the Temple, how the Ark of the Covenant went in, and then the Glory of God filled the Holy of Holies with a cloud. Then Solomon blessed the people and talked about how God had built up leaders among his people.

Anyway, one of the footnotes about this Scripture talked about how for 480 years (since He led the Israelites out of Egypt) God didn’t ask His people to build him a church. It was more important to God that the people grew close to Him and that spiritual leaders were raised up. Relationship with us is far more important to God than buildings of wood or brick.

I LOVED that. The Bridge Church youth group and their leaders know this principal. They go outside their walls. Their pastor called a local ministry to get the name of a family who might need some outside work done. And the ministry gave them our name. God bless them!! God knows how much Doug works, and how hard he works. I need to stop worrying that Doug will do too much. God knows our needs, and met them before we even asked.

These kids have got “it.” The know the deal. They are reaching out to those who CAN’T, because THEY CAN. So thanks again, and may God bless your socks off!!


Patty Ann said...

I am so very happy that they did that!! You are right, God knows exactly who you are and what you need. Love to you!

Rachel said...

That was so thoughtful of the church group! See, good things do happen just when you seem to need something the most. Another blessing for all the help YOU give others. AMEN!

Renee Ann said...

I loved reading about these kids! We just finished our week of VBS, and I was so encouraged to see God working in the hearts of young people. Blessings, Kerri!