Thursday, July 28, 2011

Random Letters Volume...Whatever

Dear Sandman,

You FINALLY got it right. God Bless You! Now I won't have to fire you or hunt you down and infest your armpits with the fleas of a thousand camels.

Most Sincerely,
Finally Got A Good Night's Sleep

Dear Medicare,

RE-Qualify AGAIN for oxygen? Serisously?? The orders from a Pulmonologist aren't enough? Oh, wait, let me break that down for you (please read very slowly): A Pulmonologist is a doctor who goes to SCHOOL for years and years so he can figure out whether or not people can breathe. So when a Pulmonologist tells you I need oxygen to breathe, I NEED OXYGEN TO BREATHE.

And if you check with my Neurologist (sorry, that would be a doctor who also goes to school for many, many years to study the BRAIN (something found in MOST people's heads) and diseases that effects muscles necessary for breathing.) You see, I have one of those diseases, and it effects all the muscles I breathe with. Yes, you use muscles to breathe, not just your mouth.

I however, don't even use my mouth to breathe, I use a trach. (That's a tube in my neck that I use to breathe through, but I still need those pesky muscles.) This disease has no cure, so it's not going to Magically Disappear. So this requalifying crap is just another waste of my time, money, energy, and so on. THAT I know you understand, because you are SO good at it.

Dear Congress,

You are {mostly all} pathetic. My deepest sympathies for those of you who think you can affect change on your own. More power to you. There are forces at work that have been at work since lobbyists have been allowed to bribe talk to you about their special interests.

Now you're having issues dealing with the debt ceiling. Let me remind you of something: The President printed his own money. He has upped the national deficit $3,715,953,067,638 in 2.5 years. And before you all start pointing fingers, George Bush added a total of $4,899,100,310,609 in his 8 years of Presidency. I'm not saying that's good either, but Obama is a big spender.

By the way, the dollar is already practically useless, China owns most of the country anyway, and when you're talking 15 TRILLION dollars that will never get paid off anyway....I just don't see the dilema. I mean, what ARE your options? Let the country go bankrupt? Let money become completely worthless? No one pays their bills? It would be anarchy. (On second thought...)

I have the BEST idea: Why don't ALL of you, all 535 members of the House and Senate, live on Medicare and government "assistance" for one year, and THEN decide if you want to make cuts. You may not use your savings, IRA's, CD's, offshore bank accounts, private health insurance, luxury cars, etc. Oh, and for fun, why don't you all live in subsidized housing for that year as well. Y'all need something called PERSPECTIVE.

With Seething Rage at Your Ineptitude,
Walk A Mile In My Mocassins


CoconutPalmDesigns said...

Congrats on the good night sleep. Sorry about the re-qualifying. You'd think they'd get a clue by now! Funny post though.

Cheers :-)
- CoconutPalmDesigns

Patty Ann said...

So glad you finally got some sleep. I feel the same way about all the red tape for everything. Especially when you see people get things that don't need them and people who do need them go without. It doesn't make any sense.