Friday, July 29, 2011

Good Gravy

Short post today.  I don't know if I'm still recovering from having company or what.  I THOUGHT I slept okay last night (after coughing my guts out for an hour and a half...maybe that's what did it)...

But I'm just frustrated!  By the time I do all the crap stuff I have to do (breathing treatment, clean trach, cough assist, the Vest, breakfast for Jacob and I) it's lunch time.  I did manage to get my Bible study in this morning, and read with Jacob but now it's 2:00 and we haven't eaten lunch yet.  Which means I have to go.

Just wondering when I am supposed to pay the bills, balance the checkbook, homeschool my child, keep my house up, check my e-mail, do a blogpost, check facebook (which I'm SO far behind on...hopefully I didn't miss anything terribly important) work on my book, build my business, make jewelry, spend time with my husband....JUST the breathing stuff, and other medical things I have to do take up at LEAST 3 hours a day.  {Sigh}.

Anyway.  Off to mac-mac-cheese land.

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